Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a Big 5 Electronics customer?

You can fill out a dealer application by clicking on the Forms For Dealers tab in the header menu. All customer requirements are included in the application. Once your application is submitted, one of out representatives will contact you.


Q. What does DBA mean?

A. DBA stands for Doing Business As. The legal name of a business defaults to the name of the owner when the business is formed. Unless, a DBA name is registered, then that becomes the legal business name.


Q. Has my application been approved?

A. To acquire your application status, please call us at 562-941-4669 Ext. 109


Q. I am having a difficult time filling out the forms on my computer, what am I doing wrong?

A. When filling out from from your computer make sure that once you save the form to your desktop, you open the file from your desktop and not the browser. The changes you make to the file only get saved when you edit them from your desktop file.


Q. I don’t have a tax resell. How do I get past this field in the application?

A. If you do not have a tax resell or do not know your Tax Information number, you can simply fill out the Tax Information with 00-0000000. For the Resale Certification portion of the application, simply fill out your name and address. Once your application is received, our credit department will contact you to discuss these two fields.

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