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I had a few items that I needed to return to Big 5, I thought it was going to be a very complicated transaction because that's how it is with most car audio distributors but it turned out to be a very smooth transaction. I was able to download the form from the website and submit it as well

Robert Bell ,

When I first joined the car audio industry I had very little knowledge on installation and what brands are compatible with each other. I had a full time job but I really enjoy working on car audio, so I decided to make it a side business. The sales team at Big 5 really guided me in the right direction and helped me with all my questions. They helped my side business grow into the car audio shop it is today.

Michael Sanchez ,

I have been in this industry for more than 5 years and have dealt with many different car audio distributors. One thing I really liked about Big 5 is that their customer service can not be matched! From the minute I first contacted them to this very date, I have been satisfied with our transactions every time. They really care about building strong relationships with their clients.

Johnny Sherman ,

I came here to check out their warehouse and I ended up walking out with a truck load of supplies for my store. Ever since then I only shop at Big 5, they have everything I need and for the lowest price.

Roberto Gonzales ,

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