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Marine subwoofers are the same as car subwoofers but they are usually coated with material so that they are not affected by water. They are styled with waterproof rubber gaskets, and the bass tubes are water resistant and can hold out through stormy conditions because they use weather resistant mounting straps. We highly recommend that you do not let customers install regular subwoofers in their boats because there is a high chance that they will get ruined by the sea’s harsh conditions. Our marine head units can take all the damage the sea will throw at our equipment including water, salt, fog, and UV rays. The incredible durability of our marine audio lines will allow your customers to enjoy their favorite tunes throughout their adventures at sea. Big 5 electronics wants you to have all the equipment your customers need when they decide to buy several items or even it is just one item. This is why we carry all components for boats. There is no need for you to purchase your different marine equipment components from other distributors because we carry all marine equipment. We want to be your number one car audio distributor so we like to provide you with everything you need to keep your customers satisfied and for the dealer on the go, please do not hesitate to come and shop at our facility. Our sales staff will gladly escort you through our facility. We believe we are the only true one stop car audio distributor in Southern California. Your customers that own boats will thank you for carrying our top of the line marine subwoofers. We carry the following brands for marine subwoofers.


The forefront of our success has been the ability to cultivate strong relationships not only with retailers, but with manufacturers as well. The key to maintaining these relationships come from exuding the highest levels of customer service, and competitive pricing while adhering to the policies of our vendors. We employ a friendly staff that prides itself on the highest level of customer service. We work with our customers, not against them. Our employees take pride in being friendly, courteous, and making sure our customers our completely satisfied.

We understand that you are really busy at work and we want you to focus your attention on your customers. For this reason we make our staff easily available not only through phone but also through email, our friendly staff can reply to your email within the hour so you can keep attending your customers. Marine subwoofers are very unique we understand that you might have a lot of questions and we will gladly assist you at a time that is convenient for you. Make sure to check out our Marine Head Units, Marine Amplifiers and Marine Speakers to go along with your Marine Subwoofers.




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