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Car Navigation systems are systems that guide you from point A to point B. These are also known as automotive GPS and navigation systems. They are very popular, not only are they extremely useful, but they are very safe compared to trying to use the navigation on your phone as a navigation tool. Navigation systems can save your customers tremendous and valuable time. They will never get lost again! Accidents happen on the road all the time and it can be very frustrating to have to exit somewhere when you do not know where you are at. With satellite technology, the navigation system in your car will get you to where you need to be with no problem at all. Can you just imagine how useful this piece of technology will be to your customers? Most of the multimedia systems (car video systems) we carry already have navigation capabilities built in within, but ALL of our navigation systems have built it multimedia. We have realized that it is very inconvenient to buy a car navigation system only to find out that is its only function. As one of the top car audio distributors we decided to not carry single function media systems. This can very convenient to your customers because when they purchase a new navigation it will automatically come with multiple media services. We want you to have the best brands in your store; we can provide you with all these brands:


We understand that some customers may not want a navigation system because they do not want to a double DIN system installed; fortunately we have something you can offer those customers. Not only do we carry Double Din car navigation systems, we also carry Single Din car navigation systems. Make sure to ask for more details about each navigation system when you contact our sales team.

Are you too busy to place a phone call? No problem, just send our sales representatives an email and we will typically get back to you within the hour. If your customers want a car navigation system that you may not have in stock, give us a call and we can deliver you products the very next day. As a top car audio distributor we have excellent shipping capabilities, including next day delivery. We also have drivers that drive routes all across Southern California, from San Diego to Bakersfield. Minimum orders may apply; speak to your sales associate for more information.




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