A New Car EQ Is More Intelligent

Gracenote has created a feature for your car radio that auto-adjusts the audio uniquely for each song played, so there’s no need to keep resetting an EQ as you drive.

The company has profiled tens of millions of songs based on their level of bass, treble and midrange and the dips in frequency range under its new Dynamic EQ system.

It then combines the data with descriptive info on the songs such as genre and mood and then it adjusts the bass, treble, midrange and other EQ settings to suit the song.

“Gracenote Dynamic EQ is like having your own personal audiophile tweaking your car’s audio system for every song you play. If you are jamming to Tupac or Biggie, Gracenote Dynamic EQ will recognize the track and specific Hip Hop attributes for the song and adjust the EQ settings by pumping up the bass and pulling back the treble,” said a press announcement.

The new Dynamic EQ system will be available to both aftermarket and OEM suppliers as of Q3 this year and Gracenote expects it to appear in 2019 model year cars. It could be available earlier in the aftermarket, said the company.

“Tuning an EQ can be incredibly complicated for the average music fan and virtually impossible for drivers who have to keep both eyes focused on the road,” said Brian Hamilton, General Manager of Gracenote Automotive. “The introduction of Gracenote Dynamic EQ marks the first time that Gracenote, or any other company, has used track level descriptive metadata to drive the quality of the musical experience.”

Gracenote technology is already used in 65 million cars to identify songs in real time on AM/FM radio, CD, satellite radio and streaming music services to provide song, artist and album info.

The technology will be demonstrated during the CES Show in Las Vegas next week at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Source: http://www.ceoutlook.com/2015/12/31/a-new-car-eq-is-more-intelligent/

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