Branded Polaris/MB Quart Radio Ships In June

MB Quart has collaborated with Polaris to develop a co-branded Bluetooth aftermarket radio for the RZR available only to Polaris dealers and to consumers from the Polaris web site.

The AM/FM radio can directly replace a waterproof box slot included in the RZR from the factory. Dealers then just remove the pocket to install the radio.

“So the Polaris dealer doesn’t have to be all that savvy.  He hooks up power and ground and speaker wires and that’s it,” said MB Quart’s Chris Parvin.

MB Quart Polaris
MB Quart RZR speakers

The radio allows Bluetooth audio streaming from a phone. It has 4 channels of built in power with front and rear RCAs.

MB Quart also offers two 6.5 inch door speakers that fit the front doors of the RZR.  Both the radio and speakers will ship in June.

The radio and speakers were shown at the recent Mud Nationals, a UTV event held in Jacksonville, TX, that draws about 17,000 people.



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