Long Range Remote Starters

VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), announced the introduction of new Code Alarm and Prestige remote starters, each with long range capability of up to 2,500 feet.

The Prestige version offers one of the thinnest transmitters in the industry at 0.38 inches thick, says VOXX.

Both the Code Alarm CA5354 and Prestige APS687TWE are 2-way LED remote start and keyless entry systems that show you confirmation that your car has started. They each come with an extra 1-way remote transmitter.

They can work with a VOXX CarLink for remote start from a smartphone and a FlashLogic data module for easy installation into many car models. Suggested retail price is $339.99 each.

Source: http://www.ceoutlook.com/2015/11/02/code-alarm-prestige-intro-long-range-remote-starters/ 


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