New Tool For Installers From Audison

Audison showed during CES a prototype of a new audio evaluation tool for installers that helps dealers rank the sound performance of a system.

Installers can use the new APM, acoustic performance measurement system, to measure the front stage in the vehicle and score its sound quality. It is designed for use with the Audison bit Tune installer tool and the measurements show up on an attached PC.

Retailers can score the audio system in a car before installing a new car audio system and then show the scores before and after.

The device resembles a mannequin or dummy bust. Audison says it measures the frequency response “distortion and alteration,” which are important factors in evaluating sound quality.

Another possible use of the system is that dealers can post scores online creating an “online world network” where retailers compete.

Although facts on the APM were preliminary during CES, the product is expected to ship this year.  More information on the APM will be released in the next few weeks, said the company.

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